Online PDF Signing from Web Browser, SmartCard Authentication

Signer.Digital Browser Extension Developer Resources

  • Signer.Digital Browser Extension is completely native, does not require Java Run time, etc. Is completely free for Windows and Linux.
  • For PDF Signing flow of Signer.Digital Browser Extension, please refer to Stacks Overflow Answer: Sign PDF With Plain Javascript
  • For other JavaScript API in Signer.Digital Browser Extension, please refer to Stacks Overflow Answer.
  • Certificate Enrollment (CSR Generation) and Certificate Download, especially, for Certifying Authorities Generate CSR and Certificate Download API or Web Browser Certificate Enrollment
  • Complete .NET VS 2015 or VS 2017 Integration project with source code and code walkthrough is available at Digital Signing and Authentication from web browser
  • SignIn (Login) using Digital Certificate is supported on all Windows and Linux Platforms. Signing PDF on Server from Browser requires minimum .NET Framework 4.5 on server.
  • Signer.Digital may be integrated using .NET and .NET Core Libs, Java Libs, Javabridge with PHP, SOAP API, Rest API, Bridge Application, etc.
  • Contact Signer.Digital for multiple signatures on PDF document, signature annotation on all pages, more features and customizations.
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